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Print: ANZ formal function invite

Invite design for a formal ANZ function. As there were only 120 guests to be invited to this formal function, I thought I could create something special, that could be finished by hand. Once I realised this, I set to work thinking and sketching ideas that could only be done by hand. The end result is a combination of digital printing, special stock, and hand-finishing. The first stage was designing and setting up a file for the digital press. Using two specialty stocks: a pearlescent off-white, and a textured grey card, tests needed to be run at the print house, Bambra Press.

Print: ANZ Diwali festival invite

Invite design for an ANZ cocktail function celebrating the Diwali festival. A simple design, playing on the theme of Diwali, or festival of lights. In this design the lights or lamps are represented as small circles of colour made by forme-cut holes in the front cover. The bright watercolour pattern inside can be seen through these holes. The concept of light really comes to life when, once the dark front face is opened, the bright watercolour pattern inside is fully revealed.