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App Store refunds trials

Some time ago, I was reminded of an idea I had almost three years ago, which was in essence, a refund system for IOS apps: you buy an app, use it, and if you delete it from your iPhone within a predefined time, say, 48 hours, you get credited for that purchase. It’s still a strong idea, but this one is better: App Store trials Amy Worrall writes: Developers can choose whether to allow a trial of 1, 7 or 30 days, or to disallow trials all together, on a per-app basis.

App Store refunds

I had an idea a while ago, which I thought was a good one: I wish there was some sort of trial period for apps. Maybe there could be a system where if you somehow ‘return’ the app within, say, 48 hours, you get a refund. By return I mean there’s some sort of prompt that acknowledges you’re deleting an app within 48 hours of first installing, and let’s you know a refund is available. This could even be optional, i.e.


In the Siri part of his iPhone 4S review, John Gruber writes: I tried the same things Scott Forstall demoed on stage. They all worked, as promised. On a whim, I asked Siri, with no other context, “When is my next haircut?” Siri answered with my appointment scheduled for later this month. I asked, “When was my last haircut?”, and it found that appointment from a month ago. I told Siri, “Play something by the Rolling Stones” and it played a random Stones song (“Gimme Shelter”, from Let It Bleed).

Free: iCS5 icons

Details about iOS 5 were announced at WWDC last week. To celebrate, I’ve created a set of icons combining Adobe CS5 and iOS 5, and called it iCS5. Click the above image for a preview and full Application list. Basically, it’s the icons from Adobe’s CS5 Master Collection (plus a few extras) redrawn in a deliciously lickable and touchy Apple iOS style. 21 icons in total. And you can have ’em for nothin’. Note: I don’t actually own the Master Collection, so the apps I’ve icon-ed are taken from the list on Adobe’s website.