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Select your iSight camera

So apparently, Apple’ve made the camera in the iPhone 5 better than the previous one in the iPhone 4S. Ben Brooks has a good theory as to why they spend the time and money improving the camera in ways more meaningful than megapixels or fancy gimmicks[1. Apple have introduced a panorama feature which looks akin to Microsoft’s Photosynth app/s.]. The theory makes sense, and is great for the vast majority of users. But not me. The ~28mm wide-angle lens on the iPhone is a good ‘catch-all’ type lens — party shots, landscapes, quick snaps, etc due to being able to fit stuff in the frame, but also because it’s more likely to get what you want in focus.

Muscle memory

While in Oz over Christmas I made an appointment at the Genuis Bar in Southland’s Apple store to get my iPhone looked at (more on that in a future post) and I noticed something: I instinctively reach for my iPhone, presumably to check Path and/or Twitter and/or Instagram, mere seconds after I begin being idle. Seconds. I noticed only at this point because the Genius[1. Genius? Really? I hate referring to them as geniuses. I’ll look for a suitable replacement in time that respects their knowledge, without doesn’t dilute the true meaning for the word.]

iPhone 4S

After much hullabaloo, our iPhone 4Ss finally made their way to us. One week in, and our impressions of this iPhone are: fecking radstix with sauce! Compared to our 3GSs, the 4Ss are super-fast, responsiveness is ultra-non-laggy, screen is scalpelly-crisp, and Kelly has volume buttons again :) Siri is fun to play with, but so far it (she?) works as advertised roughly 50% of the time. It supposedly takes a week or so to get to know you, and it’s in ‘beta’, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how good it’ll eventually be.


In the Siri part of his iPhone 4S review, John Gruber writes: I tried the same things Scott Forstall demoed on stage. They all worked, as promised. On a whim, I asked Siri, with no other context, “When is my next haircut?” Siri answered with my appointment scheduled for later this month. I asked, “When was my last haircut?”, and it found that appointment from a month ago. I told Siri, “Play something by the Rolling Stones” and it played a random Stones song (“Gimme Shelter”, from Let It Bleed).

iPhone 4S (and that other news…)

This post is a somewhat feeble attempt to rationalise my want of the new iPhone 4S announced a couple of days ago. It’s a way to try to get it out of my mind. I don’t think it’ll work. I like new things, but I like good things more. When the two are combined… *sigh* There are many reports of disappointment in the internet press; the iPhone 4S — not iPhone 5 — looks the same as the previous model.