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Custom cuts

Continuing the garden edging project (probably 80% done (🥵)) and came acros some serious tree roots. Pulled out the handy little tool Mum (@rybalu) bought for me recently to take an accurate tracing. Got to work with the angle grinder and file and viola! Snug fit (with a bit of space for future growth ;). Also nicked a bloody pipe so had an emergency quick fix with a 25mm joiner so we could keep the water on 😬

Well, she’s done

…and it took longer than 12 parsecs! Estimate around 16hrs total to put it together. Displayed on a custom Perspex stand which I hope with all my being holds 😬 The set comes with two radars, one installed here from the original films and a second rectangular radar from the later films. Also a 1900’s Leia and Han minifigs as well as a 2000’s-era Leia and Han. No OG Luke in this set though. Seems like an oversight given the scale (and price) for this set.