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Things: Murray Carter kitchen knife

For many years I’ve been using my trusty Wusthof cook’s knife for all things kitchen and food related. It has been a wonderful and faithful tool, and especially since I learned how to sharpen it properly. But for the last two weeks, I’ve changed over to a Japanese style kitchen knife by Murray Carter. And it has been awesome. A while back Carter Cutlery had a massive sale before moving to a new location. I had my eye on a couple of knives for a long time, and this seemed like the time to secure them.

The Japanese really love their stamps

When we were travelling in Japan a while back, Kelly and I each had a Moleskin notebook we carried around to a) read language notes we’d written, b) draw any diagrams we needed to help explain stuff to the natives, and c) collect stamps. We didn’t know about C until we got to Japan, but golly, I’m sure glad we had somewhere to put them all! We became obsessed with picking up a stamp wherever we could find one: airports, train stations, galleries, tourist offices, and tourist destinations.