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KLDW 2010 (redux)

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I attended three days of design conferences as part of KLDW2010. The three conference days consisted of: Typo-graphics Creative Magazine Symposium Ani/Motion With many more design-related exhibitions running throughout KL (One of which I still need to attend tonight!). I won’t give you a blow-by-blow ‘cos that’d be boring. And, if you did want a blow-by-blow, you should’ve been there yourself. No, what I’ll give you is a brief overview of what I thought of the conferences as a whole.


I’ve bought the full ticket to all three conferences of KLDW2010 (Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010). All of the exhibitions around the city are free, but the tickets allow me in to the three, day-long conferences at the KL Convention Centre. I was tossing up whether to purchase tickets or not when I first heard of the festival, because I didn’t really know any of the speakers. But I changed my mind for four reasons (in order of importance): Reza Abedini is speaking!