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Things: Murray Carter kitchen knife

For many years I’ve been using my trusty Wusthof cook’s knife for all things kitchen and food related. It has been a wonderful and faithful tool, and especially since I learned how to sharpen it properly. But for the last two weeks, I’ve changed over to a Japanese style kitchen knife by Murray Carter. And it has been awesome. A while back Carter Cutlery had a massive sale before moving to a new location. I had my eye on a couple of knives for a long time, and this seemed like the time to secure them.

Jointing a chicken

Joint (verb): (transitive) To separate the joints; of; to divide at the joint or joints; to disjoint; to cut up into joints, as meat. — Wiktionary I’d prefer to use disjoint, however “jointing” is the term cooks and chefs use. *shrug* Now that that’s out of the way… Today I jointed a chicken. Two actually. It’s something I’ve never done before, and I feel I should know how to do it. I’m not really sure why, but it has something to do with me thinking I need to have certain skills and experiences as a “man”.

Things: Wusthof cook’s knife

The first item I’d like to talk about in my series of favourite things, is my Wusthof 8-inch cook’s knife. The most basic necessity for really enjoying yourself in the kitchen is a good knife. This is the prefect knife for any enthusiastic home cook. In fact I’d say it’s perfect for anyone who even just dabbles in the kitchen. There are a few reasons why this ‘thing’ falls into my favourite possessions category. I’ll do my best to explain them.

Staying sharp

Last night I watched a documentary on telly about the myth, legend, and making of the Samurai sword. I was surprised at how informative it actually was. It showed the stages of a sword being created from the initial smelting of the iron sand from a particular part of Japan, all the way through to the final blade polishing. (They didn’t talk about the handle, it was presented from a metallurgical point of view). Those who know me know of my love for Japanese knives — On a recent trip to Japan, I purchased a set of hand-made kitchen knives.