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Dinner Club (Erawan)

Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™. The rules of Dinner Club are as follows: Select a restaurant the majority of KL Crew haven’t been to The restaurant must be a “nice” restaurant; not hawker food, not a crappy chain, somewhere you’d take a client/family/good friend. You order whatever you want, including wine and spirits. There are no limits[1. Other than reasonable judgement based on our bank accounts.]

Community Tennis Open

Last weekend I played in my first tennis tournament. My coach signed me up because he believes I need match practise, and I agree. I don’t know where he signed me up as he didn’t offer me a website to register on, he simply asked for my details and 50 Ringgit, and SMSed me later in the day to say I was all set. I lost 4–8 in the first round (matches are first to eight games, win by two, tie-break at 8–8), but that’s not the important part.

BMW Malaysian Open 2012

Prologue Last week I spent most of my waking hours at the BMW Malaysian Open women’s tennis tournament. It was the first professional tennis tournament I’ve attended. With my borderline-feverish enthusiasm for the game of tennis over the last 6–9 months, it’s not an understatement to say I was flippin’ excited. The Monday morning tennis group had been talking up the event for several weeks beforehand, especially telling me how ‘close’ I’d get to the players. I thought this was a bit weird; why would it matter how close I’d be to the players?


It’s been a while coming, but remember Malaysian race day? Well, this is what apparently happened afterwards. (Tap for the large version). The drunken, mischievous cast of this photographic production, clockwise from bottom: Jonathan Mags Tori T-Jizzle Kelly G-Bizzle (yes, that G-Bizzle…) Anna (aka Carrots, aka Mrs. Johnston, aka A-Jizzle) Chrissy Dr, House (aka “Claire”) Anne-Marie Gavin Colin Joel Me Thanks to — I presume — the bar staff for taking this photo, and thanks to Tori for letting me show it to the world.


Here’s an image I shot last night during a storm in KL (tap for a larger version). This is straight out of camera (SOOC) and I’ve done nothing to the image other than crop out a bit of the sky. It’s shot looking North-East from my balcony, towards Genting Highlands. Looking North West it was completely dark with storm clouds, and lightning was lighting up the sky and city for more than six hours. It was a truly etherial thing to lie in bed falling asleep, watching the lighting tickle the night sky and touch the mountains on the horizon.