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Beer label design: Piwo Neptuna

Tap the image for a detailed draggable view I’ve designed a beer label for my Dad: Piwo Neptuna (Neptune Beer). Why? A friend of mine in KL works for a label printer and got me a good deal on 500 labels, professionally printed, die-cut, and finished. Something that may have cost triple the amount back in Oz. And Christmas was nearing. It was a fun exercise; I’d never done a beer label before. Being an Aussie bloke (and a designer) I have a massive appreciation for the number and variety of beer labels.

Retouch: Wine bottle labels

Often in graphic design, you need to create realistic mockups of packaging to give the client an understanding of how it might look once produced. This is an example of a wine label which has been retouched to look as though it exists on a wine bottle. As with all photo retouching, an awareness of where light falls onto and object, how shadows would behave under that (or those) lights, and any reflective or semi-reflective surfaces that are present. If you don’t pay strict attention to these issues the illusion will not work.