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Well, she’s done

…and it took longer than 12 parsecs! Estimate around 16hrs total to put it together. Displayed on a custom Perspex stand which I hope with all my being holds 😬 The set comes with two radars, one installed here from the original films and a second rectangular radar from the later films. Also a 1900’s Leia and Han minifigs as well as a 2000’s-era Leia and Han. No OG Luke in this set though. Seems like an oversight given the scale (and price) for this set.

Lego Voltron

Voltron! Busted out some new Lego this weekend: Lego Ideas Voltron (set 21311). I grew up with both Lego and the five lion version of Voltron so there was absolutely no way I would miss this. It had been sitting in storage for almost a year first at my parents’ house and then in the cupboard downstairs. But this weekend found me with good weather, a balcony, and a free afternoon. I’ll leave the build details and proper review to folk more nerdy than I, but I’ll say three things: This thing is yuuuge!