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Lego Voltron

Voltron! Busted out some new Lego this weekend: Lego Ideas Voltron (set 21311). I grew up with both Lego and the five lion version of Voltron so there was absolutely no way I would miss this. It had been sitting in storage for almost a year first at my parents’ house and then in the cupboard downstairs. But this weekend found me with good weather, a balcony, and a free afternoon. I’ll leave the build details and proper review to folk more nerdy than I, but I’ll say three things: This thing is yuuuge!

Blob-head Leia!

Here is Princess Leia, from the Lego set 10198 Tantive IV which I recently purchased second-hand for $150 (including shipping). You remember the ship, right? It’s the first ship that appears in the original trilogy of Star Wars, the small white being chased by an enormous Imperial Star Destroyer. If you can’t remember, here’s a 40-second refresher. Anyway… everything was cool with the set, until I noticed Leia’s hair. Leia’s hair is smooth, like melting chocolate. Pretty cool, huh? … No?

Micro scale Lego tumbler

This. Is. Incredible. A micro scale Tumbler from Nolan’s Batman trilogy, made from only 12 pieces of Lego. 12! It’s instantly recognisable; the proportions are pretty spot on, has a jet exhaust hole ’round back between the rear wheels, has fairly accurate gaps for where the windshield should be, and the hatch opens!. One of the best Lego tumblers out there. But it’s not my design, it’s Larry Lars’s. Does that name sound familiar? Perhaps because of this, or this, or this.

Inceptional Lego model

Love This is pretty great: A Lego model of the machines which produce the Lego pieces the model is made of! (aka 4000001 Moulding Machines). The set contains two models: one of the current injection moulding machine, as well as the vintage machine Lego used before things became automated. It’s a quite Inception-esque, has ‘playability’ (moving parts), and is made of Lego, so naturally I love it! Unfortunately I’ve known about this model for some time now, and swore that I’d get my hands on it somehow.

New Star Wars Lego

Here is my new Lego Star Wars piece: 9492 TIE Fighter. You may be forgiven for thinking I’d already secured my holy trilogy of Star Wars Lego in the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, the mechanised walking AT-AT, and the Death Star diorama. (The Star Destroyer is my favourite ship from the Star Wars trilogy, with the AT-AT being my favourite non-ship. The Death Star diorama is simply the coolest set to have if you’re a Star Wars geek, trust me on that.) But 2012 ushered in one set which caught my attention, the TIE Fighter.

They’ve started arriving!

Well, Lego Steve Jobs was sent out last week, and at least one person has received theirs so far! So when you receive yours, don’t be shy — send me a pic! It will make me happy :) This is not a scam :P Update While I was typing up this blog post, a couple more have been reported to have arrived :)

Lego Steve Jobs Update: mailed!

Update All Lego Steve Jobs packages have been mailed! Keep an eye on your real-time non-virtual inboxes! ======= See that? That’s a bag full of packaged, hand-addressed, multi-stamped, register-mailed, and customs-noticed, Lego Steve Jobses. If you were lucky enough to order one while the going was hot, I’m letting you know I’ll be making the trip to the post office tomorrow to send all Lego Steve Jobses to their respective owners.