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CarTarp 1000

As an avid cyclist I often have to transport my bike to a location that’s beyond riding to. My preference is to avoid the bike-on-top-of-the-car option because I’m paranoid of driving into the garage and destroying the bike, racks, and the roof of the car. The Golf R doesn’t officially support adding a tow ball/hitch (although third-party option exist) so I had to get creative. CarTarp 1000 Behold! CarTarp 1000™®©✌️. A simple design to protect the car from dirty bike parts after a ride.

The best case for your Aeropress filters

If you use an #aeropress and travel or camp (or even if you don’t), I highly recommend grabbing a medium size (5.3cu in) GoTubb by @humangear to store your paper filters. This is the best case you can buy to store the paper filters for your Aeropress. They fit perfectly and protect from moisture, bending, and damage, especially when throwing your gear into a travel bag. GoTubb for your Aeropress filters (open) GoTubb for your Aeropress filters (closed) GoTubb for your Aeropress filters (side) GoTubb: hands down, the best case for your Aeropress paper filters #coffeehacks #aeropress #camplife

Jointing a chicken

Joint (verb): (transitive) To separate the joints; of; to divide at the joint or joints; to disjoint; to cut up into joints, as meat. — Wiktionary I’d prefer to use disjoint, however “jointing” is the term cooks and chefs use. *shrug* Now that that’s out of the way… Today I jointed a chicken. Two actually. It’s something I’ve never done before, and I feel I should know how to do it. I’m not really sure why, but it has something to do with me thinking I need to have certain skills and experiences as a “man”.