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Which one is the Millennium Falcon? Is it the one they fly around in a lot? This is one of the reasons I love my wife. And it made me realise something: men don’t want their women to know a lot about the Star Wars trilogy (yes, I said trilogy). This might seem ridiculous, and you guys might be thinking “who wouldn’t want their wives and girlfriends[1. Sorry gay men — it’s very unlikely your partner knows little about Star Wars.

It burns

I’d like to introduce you to the object of my burning desire, the Leica M9. (I’ll take the Summilux 50mm ƒ1.4 ASPH lens too). Currently, the price of this camera scares me a fair bit, as does the price of the aforementioned lens, and unless you bought a substantial quantity of Apple stock back in the early 90s, it will probably scare you too. It becomes more scary (if you can believe that) in my case because I’m sort of unemployed.

Things that do not displease me

In no particular order: Things for Mac’s application icon Almonds The thought put into the design of most Apple products The drumming on Karnivool’s album Sound Awake My wife Ocean surf Beer-based stews (especially with carrots) Dogs The colour green Having attended Webstock 2011 iPhone Putting on a pair of brand new undies Learning new things in Design Learning new things in General Ducks The colour black Silence Cufflinks Radiohead’s latest album The TV show, How I Met Your Mother Polar bears Impressively sharpened quality knives Snow My ~20 pairs of the same Timberland socks (especially when they were new) The Canon 12–300mm f1.4 L lens that doesn’t exist Floating in a pool in Siem Reap after 4+ mojitos at night watching the lightning crack overhead Kransky The hard drive icon on my wife’s Macbook Air The internet

On the hand

Recently, our good friend Milia[1. Aka Xystros the Cypriat.] casually told Kelly and I that we were “on the hand”. So casually did she say this in fact, that she continued to talk about other things as if nothing out of the ordinary had been said. However, I cannot let a new phrase slide, especially when it sounds like it’s a bad thing (on the hand = under the thumb?) MIlia explained: throughout life, you only meet a small number of couples who are the real deal.

Back to the my perfect Mac

I’ve ordered the new 11-inch MacBook Air Apple announced at their recent “Back to the Mac” media event. I haven’t seen it in person, played with it, or read any detailed reviews, but I ordered it anyway. You know why? Because it’s the laptop I’ve always wanted. A few years back I side-graded to a 12-inch PowerBook G4 (pictured above) from the 14-inch MacBook for reasons of small-enising. I loved the look and the feel of a 12-inch computer — it felt high-end, purposeful, designed.