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If a tree falls…

This morning, whilst checking out my local mountain bike trails, two notable things happened: I almost ran over a snake. An enormous tree broke and landed next to my car. Fallen tree right next to my car 🙏 With almost comic precision, the tree laid directly across my exit, it’s length being more/less the exact width of the path. At first I was confused; it’s not something I’d expect to see after returning from a couple hours riding my bike, that’s reserved for something like a smashed car window and stolen sunglasses.

Blob-head Leia!

Here is Princess Leia, from the Lego set 10198 Tantive IV which I recently purchased second-hand for $150 (including shipping). You remember the ship, right? It’s the first ship that appears in the original trilogy of Star Wars, the small white being chased by an enormous Imperial Star Destroyer. If you can’t remember, here’s a 40-second refresher. Anyway… everything was cool with the set, until I noticed Leia’s hair. Leia’s hair is smooth, like melting chocolate. Pretty cool, huh? … No?