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Volumes (rewrite)

Yesterday I published a short post about my Mac Pro workstation’s hard drive setup. After giving it the overnight test, I scrapped it — it was confusing, missing some important details, and sloppily written. All three can be attributed to the fact I was drunk after a boozy dinner with friends. So I’m rewriting it. Well, not so much rewriting the post, but writing about the post. I wanted to write something about my hard drive setup because I spent a little time tweaking it yesterday to squeeze a little more performance out of my Work and Scratch drives, and I realised the way my Mac Pro storage is configured is ridiculously convoluted, but for good performance reasons.

Dropbox > MobileMe iCloud

Dropbox has just announced two-click sharing of files with a download link. This is exciting for me particularly because Apple’s about to discontinue evolve MobileMe into iCloud, and iCloud’s minimum requirements state OSX Lion (10.7), which, after a lengthy trial on our MacMini media server, I hated. For me, there are two parts to this event, good and bad: Good: iCloud with remove the ability to share files with a download link (iDisk). I used this feature a lot and have been concerned with finding an appropriate replacement.

Keyboard ergonomics Keybergonomics

I use a Wacom tablet for digital work. It has been an essential tool for me for years. It’s fast, accurate, and when masking/painting in Photoshop, it can’t be beat.[1. Well, maybe by one of these.] The tablet sits directly in front of me. It’s comfortable to draw in this position because it’s how I’d set up to draw if I was using a pen and paper (remember those?). To maintain this comfort with the Wacom, I’ve pushed my keyboard back over the top edge of the tablet.

Blast from the past

In preparation for the arrival of my new Mac Pro, I wanted to create a cloneable ‘virgin’ install of Snow Leopard, all my user settings, and all my applications and their settings. The idea being I can simply clone this virgin install to my new boot drive. (I’ve since decided to simply clone my current boot drive, so I don’t waste spend time installing each application and reconfigure its settings, something that would take the best part of a full day, plus a week or two of adding bits and pieces as I come across them.)

Indie Mac software

I’ve gone on a spending spree for indie Mac software. I write this as both an acknowledgement for these hard-working developers, and as a sort of apology. (And a spontaneous list of Mac software I use and recommend). Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly purchasing licences for the software I’ve been using a lot. Which is good. But software I’ve used only a handful of times, even if I really needed it at that time, I haven’t purchased licences for, instead relying on licences from friends, or, um, “other sources”.

Free: Invoice templates for Billings 3

Update Jan 2012 I’ve recently had a few people emailing me about troubles they’re having opening the template files. After some back and forwarding, I found these people were on PCs. Billings 3 is a Mac only application. The templates have a custom .bitemplate3 extension only recognisable by this application. I’ve also found if you don’t have Billings 3 installed before you unzip the download package, the system may treat the .bitemplate3 files as folders, rendering them useless. Therefore, please install Billings 3 before you use these templates.

Open letter to Loren Brichter of (updated again)

Dear Loren, Let me first say how much I love using the new “official” Twitter iPhone app. I used to use Tweetie for iPhone, and I absolutely understand why the powers-that-be at Twitter bought your creation. Put simply, it’s radsticks with sauce. And clever. Clev-sticks? Secondly, let me say how much I love using Tweetie for Mac. It’s all the clevsticks of Tweetie for iPhone, but for Mac. It’s simple, small, and simple. Put simply, it’s rad. But it’s not perfect.