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New bike day! Well, not for me :(

Due to a recent bicycle downsizing, I’ve chosen to retire my trusty ol’ travelled-all-over-the-USA Salsa titanium frameset. I was planning on hanging it in the garage as a nostalgic showpiece but I think it deserves to be ridden! And how better than by a dad alongside his childerbeasts! – A hard dive into the parts bin resulted in a complete bike of mostly used parts, save for some spankin’ new tyres and grips. A relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning :) Will ride a treat once lockdown is lifted and I can deliver to its next owner… 😬

Salsa (Grav)El Mariachi

Pretty bikes are pretty The Salsa (Grav)El Mariachi. This is the bike that pulled me through Gravel Camp earlier this year. It’s the frame from a Salsa El Mariachi I bought as a complete bike in 2014 while living in Texas. This steel frame was short-lived though; only a few months after the purchase Craigslist offered up a titanium frame — same model, same size — at a price I couldn’t pass up. Since then, the steel El Mar frame has been patiently waiting in the dark corners of the garage for a Frankenstein-ian rebirth.

Salsa El Caballo de Carga

The Salsa El Caballo de Carga resting in the scrub This week I had the pleasure of putting together another bike based around an old Salsa El Mariachi frame. I call this one The Salsa “El Caballo de Carga” (The Salsa Packhorse). “Packhorse”, because its purpose is a gravel-y, touring-y, bikepacking-y, off-the-beaten-path, do-it-all kind of bike, and also because Salsa “El Mula” (the Mule) sounded pretty boring. I’ve had a build like this in mind ever since completing a 4-day tour of the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburg Pennsylvania, to Cumberland Maryland (240 kms/150 miles) in 2017.