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Bringin’ home the Flacon

So, I’ve been “flattred” for the first time for my free Billings templates! See that “1” in the image? Cool! Flattr is an internet micropayment system. It works like this: You allocate a monthly amount of funds into your Flattr account. You then go about your business on the net as usual. When you read an article, comment, see a photo etc that has a ‘flattr this’ badge (like at the bottom of this page) you click it and it saves that click to your account.

It burns

I’d like to introduce you to the object of my burning desire, the Leica M9. (I’ll take the Summilux 50mm ƒ1.4 ASPH lens too). Currently, the price of this camera scares me a fair bit, as does the price of the aforementioned lens, and unless you bought a substantial quantity of Apple stock back in the early 90s, it will probably scare you too. It becomes more scary (if you can believe that) in my case because I’m sort of unemployed.