New Mexico

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El Rancho

El Rancho Hotel & Motel, New Mexico, where the biggest stars of the old Western films drank, danced, and slept. This hotel can be summed up thusly: Good but not great. The food was good but not great, the drinks were good but not great, the room, bathroom, location, pretty much everything was good but not great. As negative as that sounds, it is in fact part of the El Rancho’s charm. It’s a “few frills” hotel, and if expectations aren’t too high, quite a fine stay.

Valles Caldera National Reserve, New Mexico

View of the valley from the top of the hill Valles Caldera National Reserve: a giant volcanic crater and a slice of NorCal landscape in the otherwise high dessert of New Mexico. We drove 12 miles up this road to get to the spot where we unloaded the bikes and rode uphill for 2 miles (😳) to get to the spot where we stashed the bikes and hiked a 6 mile loop on foot (😰) to get back to the spot where we stashed the bikes to ride 2 miles downhill (😍) to get to the spot where we loaded the bikes and drove 12 miles back to the starting point.

Food Poisoning :(

Sometimes things don’t go as planned :( Late last night I came down with what I suspect was food poisoning. I’ll spare you the details but it meant postponing the ride we had planned in the Dona Ana Mountains until tomorrow (hopefully) and spending this morning in bed with the Internet. The upside is we decided to stay an extra night in this amazing AirBnB in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which helps us avoid some severe weather during some camping days coming up.