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New Star Wars Lego

Here is my new Lego Star Wars piece: 9492 TIE Fighter. You may be forgiven for thinking I’d already secured my holy trilogy of Star Wars Lego in the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, the mechanised walking AT-AT, and the Death Star diorama. (The Star Destroyer is my favourite ship from the Star Wars trilogy, with the AT-AT being my favourite non-ship. The Death Star diorama is simply the coolest set to have if you’re a Star Wars geek, trust me on that.)

The new gold standard of UX blogs

A great friend of mine has started a blog about UX design (and non-design). UX, where X is a kiss. Check it out because she knows her sh*t. And I know she knows her sh*t because sometimes I think I know my sh*t, but then I tell her about the sh*t I know, and she replies with the sh*t she knows, which immediately makes me question whether the sh*t I know really is the sh*t, y’know? If you’re into UX, love stories, and possibly unicorns, UX where X is a kiss is the sh*t you should subscribe to.

Three firsts

The past weekend was a weekend of firsts. Three to be exact… An innocent question On Friday I was meeting Kelly for dinner. I had left the apartment a little early to go to Kinokuniya bookshop in Suria KLCC to do some research on interior and furniture design[1. Designing a dining table and a coffee table are some projects I’ve set for myself.]. On my way I bumped into John, the first friend I made upon arriving in KL, who had just finished a meeting and was having drinks with some work people.