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EDM: Seek Advertiser Newsletter, an online job search website, needed an electronic newsletter to send to existing and prospective advertisers. As they had a record sales year, Seek wanted to capitalise on the boost in sales by connecting to their advertisers in a new and more personalised way, and delivering relevant and valuable information to them directly. The design needed to be interesting, and eye-catching. The concept of “Insider Information” was created to give the reader a sense that they were receiving privileged information they could use in their advertising.

Print: ANZ Transactive Newsletter

Newsletter design for ANZ Transactive, an online cash management platform purpose-built for institutional, corporate and large business clients. ANZ redesigned their logo in 2009, resulting in a completely new set of design elements and guidelines. All collateral had to be redesigned in the new brand, including the newsletter for ANZ Transactive. The new design employs the use of angled ‘perspective shapes’, and a refreshed colour palette. In the Institutional sector of ANZ, another design guideline is that all photographs are to contain a blue sky and a shining sun.

EDM: Six Degrees Executive

Six Degrees Executive is a highly specialised recruitment consultancy based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Six Degrees Executive needed a way to deliver timely and relevant information about the recruitment market to their clients, consisting of large blue-chip companies looking for executive roles. I created a simple, but lively EDM design that makes it easy for the reader to see which articles or information is contained within the EDM. making sure that the prominent items, like contact information and links to each article (like a short table of contents) were in the top section of the EDM so the reader saw them immediately.