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I can’t believe we did it

I downloaded the iPhone 5 keynote to take with me on the ~28hr flight to Texas. I didn’t watch it until a few days after we arrived. During my viewing, the absence of Steve Jobs became really apparent to me. Tim Cook is (obviously) a great CEO, but not as good a showman as Jobs. This we all know. What I noticed in this keynote more than any other was the lack of excitement on Cook’s part, and genuine wonder.

The first week

For the first time in a long while, I didn’t do much. On saturday, I spent most of the day in bed watching (all 12) episodes of The Inbetweeners, a show that Davo had kindly burned to DVD for me before I left. (The inbetweeners, for those interested, is a British show about four adolescents and their search for “clunge”. It’s halfway between IT Crowd, and real life as a 17 year old male.) This was a rest I really felt I needed.

Observations so far

We’ve been in KL now for one week and one day. Here are some observations: I’ve seen more orange and yellow watermelons than red. They taste pretty much the same. When it rains it POURS. Milo (the drink) is really big in KL. For example, in the shopping centres, right next to the tubs with orange juice, lime slushie, and lemonade, they have a Milo dispenser (see figure A below). Also, when we were out car shopping today, the sales lady offered us cold water, coffee, tea and hot Milo.

Mecca this way

I like observing. Directly above where I’m sitting right now is a little metallic green and gold arrow sticker. The text on it reads “KIBLAT”. I believe this sticker is for Muslim prayer, and directs the prayer to face toward Mecca. For me, this is the first realisation that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is my new home town. My new ‘hood. We landed in KL before midnight (AU time), and were driven to our temporary accommodation in the form of a serviced apartment at The Prince Hotel.