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The perfect job

In one of my several fantasy alternate universes I make furniture for a living. I design and build simple, useful, and beautiful tables, desks, chairs, stools, and shelving. It is probably my perfect job. I work alone for the most part, without meetings, presentations, and client feedback. I work with my hands as well as my mind. Design plus craftsmanship. The customer comes to me with his/her design furniture design problem and build the perfect thing for them. Each piece is extremely well made with quality materials.

Separation, part II

A little while ago I told you I was going to separate my photo posts from my blog posts. In a nutshell, no more individual photograph posts on the blog or RSS feed, instead being replaced by a monthly collection of photographs. The individual photographs would still be available in the Play Photography section, just not mixed in with the text posts. The main reason for this was to keep my thoughts (text posts) together without interruption. This was a change for your benefit.