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Photo management and workflow

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for processing pretty much all the images I shoot for about a year or so. Prior to Lightroom I was using iPhoto (for importing, selecting, and managing) and Photoshop (for processing). I still use iPhoto for managing my photos, but I import and select with Photo Mechanic, and process with Lightroom, and occasionally Photoshop for personal “family” snaps; and Lightroom, and often Photoshop for personal “arty” work. Sounds complex doesn’t it? That’s because it is.


A quick note I’m going to begin separating the single-photo posts on this site from the main posts. What this means is that individual photo posts will not be displayed on the home page or the RSS feed, they’ll only exist in the photography section. Instead, I will begin a series of monthly posts (my brain is yet to hatch a name) containing a gallery of photos I’ve worked on for that month. Most of the time, I create more images than I write articles, and I feel it takes away from the textual aspect of this site — especially for folks back home who are reading to find out what’s been going on in KL.