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Always. Be. Cloning.

A, B, C. A: Always B: Be C: Cloning Always be cloning. Such beauty in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks that one cannot risk losing photographic evidence. Therefore when the afternoon downtime hits — after along morning hikes — one must bust out the tech and create some redundancy. For those interested, my photographic workflow with a Mac that has only one hole/port is as follows: Get photos from card onto hard drive with card reader (copy #1) via Adobe Lightroom (Classic) (if time and surrounds permit, make first pass at culling by flagging potential keepers with a 🏳 (` key) Attach 2TB drive (pictured) to back up Lightroom files with superduper (Copy #2) Keep photos on SD card until they absolutely need to be erased (copy #3).

Houston Rodeo 2015 (so far)

We’re about half-way through our season-long attendance of the Houston Rodeo, and it’s been pretty fun, albeit a little repetitive. Basically each night we see the rodeo events immediately followed by the live performances. The rodeo events have been my favourite things to see so far, particularly the Mutton Bustin’ and Calf Scramble, but the horse and bull riding has been impressive. I think I’d give it a miss in the coming years, or at least go for one full Saturday or Sunday to get my fill of fried food (including butter!), bacon-wrapped sausage, and funnel cakes.

Barb & Mike

Everyone on the internet, please meet Barb & Mike. These guys are the type of people that when you find ’em, you do everything in your power to keep them in your life. Ever since Barb & Mike befriended us when we first arrived to Houston, it’s been nothing by a pleasure to know them. Come and visit, we’ll introduce you personally. I’ve wanted to shoot a portrait for a long time. In fact, the first time I entered into their home I was struck by the tall windows and Houston horizon beyond.

Morning pastels

Sometimes it’s worth getting up early to catch a glimpse of what a Houston fall morning can deliver. There was a full week of this view on my ride to work heading east along Woodway Drive; warm tones in the distance, the building ahead reflecting the early cool tones of a few minutes before the sunrise. Breathtaking. Tap to view large :)

Tulum / Las Vegas

Finally had a chance to put up some photos from last year’s Tulum/Las Vegas trip (tap to see full gallery). Tulum, in Mexico, is a beautiful beach area about two hours drive south of Cancun. If you want to avoid a Bali-like tourist experience, I highly recommend driving out of Cancun immediately after you fly in, and bypassing Playa del Carmen entirely. Just drive an extra hour and get the same — if not better — beaches, with far fewer people.

Melbourne and the Fuji X100S

(hit the image for large version :) Tonight I had a chance to edit my first crop of photos from my Fuji X100s. I bought this camera mere days before I left for Australia, knowing I wanted to restrict myself to a single lens, and to force myself to 35mm focal length. The problem was, I don’t own a 35mm lens. I put in an order to hire a 35mm 1.4 L lens for my Canon 5D mkII — my usual travel camera — but changed my mind at the last minute and instead took a punt on a $1300 camera, some SD cards, and two extra batteries.

Boston / Toronto / NYC

Long overdue (again) but here are a bunch of photos from a recent trip to North East USA (and Canadia). Chronological order of the trip is as follows: Boston, Massachusetts — on the weekend the Boston Red Sox won their first baseball championship on home soil in 96 years (a really big deal!) Toronto, Canada New York City The big photo takes you to the full gallery :)