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Separation, part II

A little while ago I told you I was going to separate my photo posts from my blog posts. In a nutshell, no more individual photograph posts on the blog or RSS feed, instead being replaced by a monthly collection of photographs. The individual photographs would still be available in the Play Photography section, just not mixed in with the text posts. The main reason for this was to keep my thoughts (text posts) together without interruption. This was a change for your benefit.

Photographs, July 2010

Notes #1 This is the entrance to the Roads to Freedom exhibition in Gdańsk, Poland. You can read about the exhibition on this page. #4 As I was waiting to cross the road (Bukit Bintang), I was casually looking around at the people across from me. After a second or two I saw the abundance of red and yellow, especially the young guy’s t-shirt. I shot a few frames with different crops to get some variation in the cars going by.

Retouch: Wine bottle labels

Often in graphic design, you need to create realistic mockups of packaging to give the client an understanding of how it might look once produced. This is an example of a wine label which has been retouched to look as though it exists on a wine bottle. As with all photo retouching, an awareness of where light falls onto and object, how shadows would behave under that (or those) lights, and any reflective or semi-reflective surfaces that are present. If you don’t pay strict attention to these issues the illusion will not work.

Retouch: Miscellaneous product mockups

Often in graphic design, you need to create a realistic mockup of some packaging or another object to give the client an understanding of how it might look once produced. These are some examples of artificial three-dimensional mockups I’ve created of my work. For each of these, I’ve only had the original artwork file, and in some cases a photograph of a scene within which to position the mockup.

Retouch: Realistic cork board image

A recent video project for client needed to have a large-scale (6000 x 4000px) image of a cork board, with various movable and editable items, such as photographs, stickers, and other pin-able items. The video storyboard pans around the cork board to reveal photographs and video provided by the client. As we could not shoot a cork board and all the elements to the right pixel size, and more importantly within the deadline, I was tasked with creating an photo-realistic version to be used in the video.

Retouch: Artificial Sun

When ANZ rebranded, one of the stipulations in the style guide for the Institutional sector of ANZ was that all photographic images needed to have a clear blue sky, and the sun. While sourcing images with these elements in itself is not difficult, finding these images which also have a relationship to institutional banking is a bit harder. I’d often come up against an image which was perfect conceptually, but had no sun in the sky. This led me to created a couple of artificial, but photo-realistic, sun images that I could insert into any image with a clear blue sky.