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Website: PIC Photographic Imaging College

In 2012 I created a new website for the Photographic Imaging College (PIC) in Melbourne. The website redesign was an extension of the rebrand I did for the college in 2011. The brief for the new website can be distilled into two points: The website must be a comprehensive information source for potential students in their last year of high-school, and The website must be the go-to information source for currently enrolled students Contrary to initially logical ideas of an image-heavy design (for a photographic college) and I decided on a design more akin news site than a gallery.

Print: Two Points exhibition booklet

Booklet design for an exhibition titled “Two Points In Time’. This exhibition celebrated former Photographic Imaging College (PIC) students, who have continued working in photography either commercially or artistically. “Two Points In Time” refers to the time each student began at the college, and when their exhibited photograph was created. Using this idea, I created a somewhat surreal graphic for the front cover, which is explained later in the booklet. The graphic is reminiscent of artwork by Hipgnosis, most famous for their album cover designs for Pink Floyd.

Print: PIC DL brochure 2009

Brochure design for Photographic Imaging College (PIC). For this brochure design PIC wanted to really highlight the photographic ‘craft’ and level of expertise the college can give to the student. A set of images of photographic studio equipment being set up was shot inside the studio at the college. From seeing these images, I had a few concepts for the brochure, but pursued only the one I thought was the strongest. I wanted to use traditional-looking black and white images, but in a non-traditional way.

Print: PIC poster 2008

Poster/brochure design for the Photographic Imaging College (PIC). For this design, I wanted to give the annual brochure a dual-purpose, so that the same piece of collateral could be used in different ways. I designed this piece as a brochure and as a poster. This idea allowed the brochure to be distributed in the traditional means, but had the possibility of the poster to be hung up in schools and other places such as photographic supply stores, as a way of advertising the college further.