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On a recent trip to Poland to attend my cousin’s wedding, Kelly and I made a stop eight kilometres outside of Kętrzyn to see Wolfsschanze (The Wolf’s Lair). In short, it was one of Adolf Hitler’s HQs and where much of the invasion of Poland was planned. It was also the location of an accidentally foiled assassination attempt on Hitler. It’s actually a very interesting story, if only for what it could have done to the annals of history had it happened as intended.

The Hills Are Alive

…with the sound of dragonflies, swallows, swans, bumble bees, storks, frogs, beetles, ducks, foxes, and of course us on our bicycles. Today we went for a 25km ride through the most beautiful countryside I think I’ll ever see. Between the towns of Mikołajki and Łuknajno is a lake which is home to wild swans. The bike ride circles the lake and completes an exquisite visual, aural, and smell-ual frollick through sandy country roads, which eventually lead back into town. I must upload some video and photos upon my return so you can get some idea of the serenity.

Bingo! (update 28.5.10)

So, not long after we left the mountainous region of Zakopane, I decided I’d play a bingo-esque game of find-the-woodland-critter. Now that we’ve left the Zakopane region, spent a few days in Warsaw, and now a couple days in Białowieża, I’ve checked many, but not all, things of my list of things to spy in Poland: Hare Fox Woodpecker Bear Beaver Squirrel Wolf (In nature reserve — Thank god) Deer Hearing an Owl Bison Eating snow Drink from 3 running rivers (only got 2, but we’re going to Mikołajki [lakes district] tomorrow, so I expect to have this one too) Bonus points: seeing an Owl A woodland creature capturing another for dinner UPDATE: (so, a week ago we saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground and fly away with it.