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Poster: Tree of life

As soon as I saw this post on This Is Colossal, I reached for my wallet so quickly I tore a hole in my pants. Consequently, it’s exactly what they did. And no wonder. This poster by Degreeº is fantastic! The design is perfect — simple, great concept, and I’ll never get tired of getting up close to have a look at the detail. It’s multi-dimensional; it makes sense from afar, and offers more up close. I love that shit.

Print: PIC poster 2008

Poster/brochure design for the Photographic Imaging College (PIC). For this design, I wanted to give the annual brochure a dual-purpose, so that the same piece of collateral could be used in different ways. I designed this piece as a brochure and as a poster. This idea allowed the brochure to be distributed in the traditional means, but had the possibility of the poster to be hung up in schools and other places such as photographic supply stores, as a way of advertising the college further.