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They’ve started arriving!

Well, Lego Steve Jobs was sent out last week, and at least one person has received theirs so far! So when you receive yours, don’t be shy — send me a pic! It will make me happy :) This is not a scam :P Update While I was typing up this blog post, a couple more have been reported to have arrived :)

Pre-announcement: Lego Steve Jobs

Update 27.2.2012 Thanks to @Marco’s recent tweet (hello new visitors!) I’ve had a flood of tweets and emails asking about a launch date for Lego Steve Jobs. Unfortunately I launched him in January, and he sold out pretty quickly. In all likelihood I won’t be doing another run, especially while I’m based in Malaysia (the posting was such a tedious process and there’s no possible way to semi-automate it here). Lego Steve Jobs I’ve been working on a secret project, and it’s now ready for pre-announcement.

Papier mâché, and other stressful things

I have a growing list of design projects I’d like to complete during my time in Malaysia. I’ll never get an opportunity to have so much time off (from paid work) again, so I want to make the most of my free time. Having many projects, and adding to the list fairly regularly, has me stressed out a bit. I have a short attention span, and I want to finish everything now! Case in point: Above is an illustration of some papier mâché lampshades I want to make.