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Afternoon shower

Yesterday, like most days, it rained in the afternoon. I reckon about 80% of the time it rains in the afternoons — between 2 and 5pm usually. This time, I decided to film some, because… well, just because. See it on Vimeo. It’s not wet season at the moment, although reports differ depending on which part of the country you’re in, and which online message board google serves you up: For Malaysia specifically… east islands (Perhentians, Tioman, Redang) wet season is Nov-March (and most islands actually completely shut down so you can’t physically get there), west islands (Langkawi, etc) April-October.


Raindrop from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. It was really coming down on afternoon (in Kuala Lumpur) so I got my camera and 50mm 1.4 lens out to see if I could capture an interesting contrast between the raindrops on the window and the bokeh of the outside world. Nothing really came of it, but I followed a single raindrop running down the window which was kinda cool. This is just raw footage.