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Free font – Registrate

A long time ago, like many graphic designs, I had an affair with font creation. Using Fontographer I designed and built a font called Registrate — based on Australian car numberplates — which came in two flavours: rounded and straight. You can have them for FREE! Waaaaay back in the day, I created Mac and PC TrueType and Postscript versions of the font. Now, using FontLab Studio, I’ve exported OpenType versions as well[1. I don’t really know how to use FontLab to any reasonable standard.

Font: Registrate

I think every graphic designer has the desire to create a font for themselves. This is my attempt. It’s called “Registrate” because it’s based on Australian auto number plates. To gather the resources to start drawing this font, I walked around Yarraville with my digital camera looking for each letter of the alphabet. I got some pretty, shall I say, inquisitive looks from the locals :) but I got what I needed. The font comes in two variations, straight, and rounded.