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Website: Seek Watercooler Index needed a design for a new section of their website which contained poll questions, answers, and user comments, called Seek Watercooler Index. The concept of the watercooler — a place where people gather to talk and gossip — was brought to us by the client, and thought it would be perfect to make the website an actual watercooler. The client agreed this would work, so I created the first designs with a cartoon-like watercooler graphic. Upon reflection (the over-night test), I decided that the site would be more interesting to make the watercooler a realistic image of a watercooler, adding a background showing some people standing around talking.

Retouch: Realistic cork board image

A recent video project for client needed to have a large-scale (6000 x 4000px) image of a cork board, with various movable and editable items, such as photographs, stickers, and other pin-able items. The video storyboard pans around the cork board to reveal photographs and video provided by the client. As we could not shoot a cork board and all the elements to the right pixel size, and more importantly within the deadline, I was tasked with creating an photo-realistic version to be used in the video.

EDM: Seek Advertiser Newsletter, an online job search website, needed an electronic newsletter to send to existing and prospective advertisers. As they had a record sales year, Seek wanted to capitalise on the boost in sales by connecting to their advertisers in a new and more personalised way, and delivering relevant and valuable information to them directly. The design needed to be interesting, and eye-catching. The concept of “Insider Information” was created to give the reader a sense that they were receiving privileged information they could use in their advertising.

Branding: Seek staff etiquette video

Seek Australia has an annual staff function at the end of each financial year. The video presentation during this function has become a real highlight of the night. The presentation needs to be humourous, and show many of the events, photos and videos that have transpired during the past 12 months. This year we decided to brand, or theme, the presentation with a 50s style, and base the concept on staff ettiquette. With the concept in mind I researched advertising from the period to get a sense of the style, colours and graphics used throughout that period.