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What’s with the fugly tennis shoes?

I’m in the market for some tennis shoes. Specific shoes that’ll keep my ankles stable and stop them twisting. I jumped online to see what’s on offer for the tasteful year of 2011… Seriously. What the hell is wrong with these shoe designers? Are they trying to produce a shoe version of Sam crossed with a double rainbow? Why does every shoe need to look like it was from a future where people didn’t have eyeballs? – Just take it easy man.

Things: Birkenstock sandals

Encountering the custom shoe makers in Hoi An on a recent trip, I decided to have my trusty Birkenstock sandals repaired and resoled. Again. I’ve had this pair of Birkenstock leather sandals for a long time — at least 10 years — but probably longer. During that time I’ve had them resoled four times, which is one of the reasons I’ve had them so long. Another, is they’re made of top-quality materials, and made in Germany. Still, after 237 years!

Things: Classic Nike shoe (x2)

This is a double episode of Things. Aren’t you a lucky lot today? Air Max Cross-Trainer ’91 Bo Jackson I bought this pair of shoes from eBay a couple years ago. Ugly aren’t they? The reason I sought and bought these was a nostalgic one: A guy at high school had a pair, and I didn’t. In fact, back in the year nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-one, when I was in year eight, expensive Nike sports shoes were the shiznit[1. The shit.]. As was NWA, Public Enemy, Twin Peaks, and the Super Nintendo.