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Things: Outer Shell feedbag

A quick shout out for a product I bought before we left on our trip that I absolutely love and can recommend: this “feed bag” by I bought it on a whim as a way to have my camera (Fuji x100T) within easy reach while on the bike. Previously I’d either have the camera hang off me with a shoulder strap or inside a backpack or messenger bag. The first way would always swing around to the front and hit my legs or top tube, the second way was too cumbersome to stop and take photos with resulting in my taking fewer photos.

Things: Caribee backpack

For my first Things entry for 2012, I’ll be Tolkien[1. Not a typo.] about my black backpack. I’ve had it now for 13 years. I know this because I received it as a gift from my then-girlfriend’s parents for my 21st birthday. Although I wasn’t expecting a gift from them, when they gave it to me I felt awkward because it was such a plain and utilitarian item. It sort of didn’t seem like a gift at all. But I like to think they could see waaaay into the future with this thing.

These are a few of my favourite things

I was having a discussion with a group of people a little while ago and was surprised to learn many of them didn’t have favourite things. They used to have them (when they were kids?) but not anymore. For example, most of the group had a favourite colour, some a favourite number, but most did not have a favourite animal, or movie, or song. I have many favourite things. I like having them, and I like telling people. Despite my suspicion to the contrary, I don’t think it’s childish.

Things: an introduction

We should not focus on having the things we want, but wanting the things we have. Really? I’m starting a new series called Things. The purpose of this series is to highlight some of my favourite possessions — physical or material things that make my life a little bit easier, more pleasant, and enjoyable. We’re often told not to get caught up in our material possessions. I’ve decided to bring attention to “the material” because I believe we often don’t appreciate why we love the things we do.