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A car full of …cars?

If you were a taxi driver in KL, and you wanted to make your taxi stand out — y’know, to attract business — what would you do? I’d probably give the car a good scrub, and use some nice air freshener. in fact, I’d go out of my way to get a unique air freshener so my customers would have fond memories of riding in my cab. Well, that’s not the approach this taxi driver took. Instead of a clean and unique smelling car, this taxi driver thought it’d be best to superglue more than 750 toy cars to his… car.

Mint Museum of Toys, Singapore

Last Thursday and Friday I accompanied Kelly on a business trip to Singapore. I’d never been before so it was an opportune time to go (with company-paid accommodation) but also because three of my former clients were now working in Singapore, and I managed to organise a lunch for us all while there. I spent my time taking wandering around and taking photographs at various locations along or near Orchard Road, but a particularly cool location I stumbled across was the Mint Toy Museum.

My mini Myvi

While exploring Bukit Bintang last night, Kelly, McGauz, and I went into a toy shop to look for a gift for Kelly’s niece Alannah. There was nothing of too much interest, except of course, the 1:32 scale model of the legendary Malaysian-made Perodua Myvi! And it came in the same colour as our actual Myvi! And at RM49.95, it was almost the same price :P This morning I had a close look at the miniature car and was astounded at the attention to detail it has.