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Tulum / Las Vegas

Finally had a chance to put up some photos from last year’s Tulum/Las Vegas trip (tap to see full gallery). Tulum, in Mexico, is a beautiful beach area about two hours drive south of Cancun. If you want to avoid a Bali-like tourist experience, I highly recommend driving out of Cancun immediately after you fly in, and bypassing Playa del Carmen entirely. Just drive an extra hour and get the same — if not better — beaches, with far fewer people.

Boston / Toronto / NYC

Long overdue (again) but here are a bunch of photos from a recent trip to North East USA (and Canadia). Chronological order of the trip is as follows: Boston, Massachusetts — on the weekend the Boston Red Sox won their first baseball championship on home soil in 96 years (a really big deal!) Toronto, Canada New York City The big photo takes you to the full gallery :)


Long overdue, but here are a bunch of photos from our recent trip to California. Chronological order of the trip is as follows: Yosemite National Park (while on fire) Santa Cruz Napa/Sonoma (wine country) San Francisco === UPDATE === I’ve removed the individual images from this site and replaced them with this nifty web gallery care of iCloud (or tap the pic above to get started :)

New York City

I must admit, as much as I like the concept of living an uncomplicated life in “the country” someday, I absolutely loved New York City. And from this week-long encounter in The Big Apple, I’ve begun to let go of the notion that I’d thrive away from a big city. I am at heart, I believe, a city boy. I was intending to write up a loose diary of sorts for my wife and my first visit to New York City over Christmas, but a) I can’t remember everything we did to the letter, I mean, I have some notes scribed from a less distant memory, but there were so many little places, nooks, experiences that defy a quick description on this blog, and b) it’d take donkey’s years.

Catching up on recent trips

Update 1: Hong Kong (below) Update 2: Vietnam (below) Because I’m a bit lazy busy, I’ve not written about, or posted photos from, many trips Kelly and I’ve taken recently. I plan to make this up in a semi-rushed manner; by putting them all in one post, and paring the writing down to a short paragraph or two on each. I will also sort out the photos and get a few pics up for each trip. This will, hopefully, flesh out what is essentially a skeleton of a blog post.


Before I get onto my beer news, I’ll talk a bit about something else. Sexism We new going in that sexism existed in Malaysia, but not really to what extent. Not to say it’s bad, it seems fairly benign. Benign sexism? Is that even possible? Well, I guess it depends who you talk to. Is it like mild racism? I mean, can you be only a little bit racist? Anyway, the sexism we’ve experienced so far is in the form of: the husband is expected to be the working party, and the wife is expected to stay at home.

The first week

For the first time in a long while, I didn’t do much. On saturday, I spent most of the day in bed watching (all 12) episodes of The Inbetweeners, a show that Davo had kindly burned to DVD for me before I left. (The inbetweeners, for those interested, is a British show about four adolescents and their search for “clunge”. It’s halfway between IT Crowd, and real life as a 17 year old male.) This was a rest I really felt I needed.

The shift

I have not been writing as often as I’ve wanted to. I’ve been really busy with work, and organising stuff for the apartment. In short, we’ve moved in — been almost a week now — and things are falling into place. The next big thing is getting some new furniture. More on that in a later post. To tide you over, I’ve made a short time-lapse video of the movers bringing all our stuff in. The place was empty and there was nowhere to set the camera and laptop up.


Today, we moved out of the Prince Hotel and into our new apartment. Well, actually we check out tomorrow morning, but we spent that day at the new place, with the phone man and moving men, and stanley knives, sticky tape, paper (TONNES of butcher’s paper), and air con. Pretty tires right now, but I wanted to show both of you a few pics taken on move-in day. Day zero even: Our apartment blocks (A & B) The ugliest telephone in the universe (now ours): Good packing job by the movers in Oz: Unrelated but cool photo: And then, there’s the view from the balcony: Here’s a link to a youtube version for you iPhone/iPad owners.