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Always say “yes”

Here are two touristy pics of us at separate locations in Washington State taken by the same passerby (a Washington local as it turns out, super enthusiastic and happy we were visiting his state :). We recognised his group at the beach in the second pic and his enthusiasm spiked again, even yelling out to his friend that “he was right” and “they were from Australia or New Zealand!”. He was a fun bloke. Good to see he had improved his photography skills by the next time we saw him ;).

Always. Be. Cloning.

A, B, C. A: Always B: Be C: Cloning Always be cloning. Such beauty in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks that one cannot risk losing photographic evidence. Therefore when the afternoon downtime hits — after along morning hikes — one must bust out the tech and create some redundancy. For those interested, my photographic workflow with a Mac that has only one hole/port is as follows: Get photos from card onto hard drive with card reader (copy #1) via Adobe Lightroom (Classic) (if time and surrounds permit, make first pass at culling by flagging potential keepers with a 🏳 (` key) Attach 2TB drive (pictured) to back up Lightroom files with superduper (Copy #2) Keep photos on SD card until they absolutely need to be erased (copy #3).

Packing day, again

#packingday …one of my least favourite activities on this trip is probably packing the car after we’ve been laid up in accoms for a few days. Everything gets reorganised contextually based on the next few days; camping, not camping, cooking, not-cooking, water, no water, etc. I was certain before we left 2½ weeks ago that this is a problem that can be solved, but the more we load/unload, the more it makes sense to change the packing regime dynamically. It just might be unsolvable 😩.