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The remarkable design of the conical straw hat

On a recent trip to Vietnam, Kelly and I splurged on a pair of straw hats (US$2 each) to keep the sun off our faces. I loved the straw hat immediately — the novelty was great; now I could be mistaken for a local! (heh), and it did indeed keep the sun off our faces. But I soon found out, that’s not the only benefit of the age old conical straw hat. In fact, this hat has at least seven benefits over and above protecting us from the scorching sun (of which there was plenty) and the rain (of which there was little).

Why I (almost) got rid of iOS folders

As you all know, when iOS 4 was released for iPhone and iPod Touch, a feature called Folders was introduced. Folders allows you to combine or store up to 12 apps in one slot on your home screen, essentially allowing up to 192 apps to be accessible without swiping to other screens. I eagerly downloaded the iOS 4 update onto my iPhone to play with folders (and the other features iOS 4 brought). After a few minutes of mucking about I worked out how I was going to set up my iPhone to make use of folders.