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Victoria Divide 500

Last month I attended a slide night at my favourite Melbourne bike shop Commuter Cycles. The subject was the Victoria Divide 550, a 557km bikepacking route through northern Victoria. As someone who’s eager to start bikepacking I was very much looking-forward to the night. Kia, Lewis, and Wil talk about their experiences riding the Victoria Divide 550. The slide night was packed, standing room only. And some of that was outside the door! There’s obviously a keen interest for bikepacking locally which is obviously great news.

Photo: La Larr Ba Gauwa

The Aussie bush ain’t bad While visiting my folks in Kyneton (country) Victoria, I took the opportunity to visit La Larr Ba Gauwa, a brand new mountain bike park opened just over a year ago in Harcourt (30km north of Kyneton). I’d never heard of it until stumbling across the parking lot signage a few months back when exploring the area. This was my first visit. But it won’t be my last. I rode the “north trails” today which are the fast, flowy, jumpy trails of the park.

If a tree falls…

This morning, whilst checking out my local mountain bike trails, two notable things happened: I almost ran over a snake. An enormous tree broke and landed next to my car. Fallen tree right next to my car 🙏 With almost comic precision, the tree laid directly across my exit, it’s length being more/less the exact width of the path. At first I was confused; it’s not something I’d expect to see after returning from a couple hours riding my bike, that’s reserved for something like a smashed car window and stolen sunglasses.

Red in the morning…

Sometimes I get this view when I walk into the kitchen. Sailor’s warning…? This morning I was treated to a spectacular sunrise peeking through our loungeroom window. I woke to the sound of rain, and since I have a night of camping and a 50km ride ahead of me this weekend, thought I should have a good look through the curtains to see what I’m in for. I saw the colour of the sky and hightailed upstairs to enjoy the view from the window shown above.

Salsa El Caballo de Carga

The Salsa El Caballo de Carga resting in the scrub This week I had the pleasure of putting together another bike based around an old Salsa El Mariachi frame. I call this one The Salsa “El Caballo de Carga” (The Salsa Packhorse). “Packhorse”, because its purpose is a gravel-y, touring-y, bikepacking-y, off-the-beaten-path, do-it-all kind of bike, and also because Salsa “El Mula” (the Mule) sounded pretty boring. I’ve had a build like this in mind ever since completing a 4-day tour of the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburg Pennsylvania, to Cumberland Maryland (240 kms/150 miles) in 2017.