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Damn good coffee!

During our two day recoup in Olympia, I finally caught up to episode 12 of Twin Peaks: The Return. On a whim, I looked up where various #twinpeaks filming locations were and was pleasantly surprised the diner used in the original and current series was on the way to our next destination🤘😀🤘. So we stopped in for a coffee ☕️ and took a slice of cherry pie 🍰 to go. Coffee was actually “damn good” as well as “hot” 👏.

Always say “yes”

Here are two touristy pics of us at separate locations in Washington State taken by the same passerby (a Washington local as it turns out, super enthusiastic and happy we were visiting his state :). We recognised his group at the beach in the second pic and his enthusiasm spiked again, even yelling out to his friend that “he was right” and “they were from Australia or New Zealand!”. He was a fun bloke. Good to see he had improved his photography skills by the next time we saw him ;).