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Website: PIC Photographic Imaging College

In 2012 I created a new website for the Photographic Imaging College (PIC) in Melbourne. The website redesign was an extension of the rebrand I did for the college in 2011. The brief for the new website can be distilled into two points: The website must be a comprehensive information source for potential students in their last year of high-school, and The website must be the go-to information source for currently enrolled students Contrary to initially logical ideas of an image-heavy design (for a photographic college) and I decided on a design more akin news site than a gallery.

Website: MANZA

While living in Malaysia from 2010–2012, I designed a replacement website for the Malaysian Australian New Zealand Association. MANZA is a volunteer-run association whose main purpose is to help newly arrives expats ease into Malaysian life. The MANZA website was my first practical application of Information Architecture and content auditing. As a volunteer-run organisation, the then-current website was a mess of handed-over files, message, and content, not to mention design. The site was built and maintained by inexperienced volunteer expats wanting to led a hand, and as such was desperate for a redesign.


(Tap for large image) I’ve spent a bit of time reworking the 256 pixels that make up my favicon. The old favicon’s blurry text annoyed me greatly, so the new one is sharp as a tack pixel, and has teen weeny rounded corners :) I like favicons. When I reach up to my bookmarked folders and bust down a menu, favicons make all the difference in split-second decisions on which site I want to open. I know they’re supposed to slow browsers down, but I think the visual cues and ease of frolicking through your bookmarks a worthwhile trade off.

Missing in action

I’ve been noticing (and have been notified of) a few linked files and images on this website that are missing in action. I’m guessing some files and/or filenames have had a bumpy back-seat ride on the rocky road between MediaTemple and Dreamhost. If you find a broken image link or broken file download link, please let me know in the comments of that page, or via Twitter on @bkpr. This would be a great help; I’d appreciate it a lot.

Website: Cakes of Taste

Website design for Cakes of Taste, a Melbourne-based collection of cake artists. This project had a tight deadline and budget, and my design concept was created and mocked up within eight hours(!), with a further four needed for refinement and multiple page templates. It was a speedy effort! The design for this site needed to follow from the branding design, in that it had to look ‘edible’, be easy to find cake examples, and not look too ‘expensive’. The final design is simple, with the main focus being the user’s journey to find the perfect cake, and the secondarily to find contact information.

Website: Seek Watercooler Index needed a design for a new section of their website which contained poll questions, answers, and user comments, called Seek Watercooler Index. The concept of the watercooler — a place where people gather to talk and gossip — was brought to us by the client, and thought it would be perfect to make the website an actual watercooler. The client agreed this would work, so I created the first designs with a cartoon-like watercooler graphic. Upon reflection (the over-night test), I decided that the site would be more interesting to make the watercooler a realistic image of a watercooler, adding a background showing some people standing around talking.

Website: Prosperity Property

Website design for Prosperity Property, a consulting service for people looking to purchase properties for investment. This design project was part of a larger branding exercise for Prosperity Property, including a logo design and an EDM design. All elements had to work together in a consistent manner, but the website was the piece that really took the branding elements the farthest. The primary purpose of the website was to gain users’ trust and respect enough for them to make contact with the company.