Webstock 2011

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Air New Zealand’s safety videos

My recent flight to New Zealand was with Air New Zealand, and of course, included the boring as batshit video on aircraft safety :( No, wait. That was a lie. The boring as batshit video on aircraft safety that accompanies every other flight of every other airline I’ve ever been on does not fly with Air New Zealand[1. See what I did there?]. No, Air New Zealand’s safety videos are feckin’ awesome! For three reasons: They are entertaining and funny.

The nerdiest thing I’ve ever done

So, as you know, I attended Webstock this year. As mentioned in an earlier post, I did the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done; I got an official Webstock card game card signed by Mr. John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame. True. Click the image above to reveal it! Why? I don’t really know. I guess I thought I’d be the only one clever enough to do it. I was wrong. There are at least two more out there, but to my knowledge, none that are contained in a shiny protective acrylic case.

Webstock 2011

I’ve been kicking back in Wellington New Zealand this past week. Why? Webstock, a web design and development conference. Instead of writing the obligatory summary of the week in a boring, chronological manner, I’m doing it as an infographic, or an infotextual. The whole article will be its own kind of ‘scale’ where each paragraph will describe something less rad than the one before it. Basically, a scale of radness. McCandless eat your heart out. The Y-axis (up/down) will be the axis of scale, but you should know, it goes from 1st paragraph = awesome!!,

The worst kind of user?

In another experience with a “bad” website design (by my standards) I struggled to find the “Contact” information for a company – I looked for something big, something in the footer, something on the right hand side, all in frustration. It only took my “non-web” friend a glance to spot that the Contact link was actually near the top left of the page – the last place I would expect to look for that information. This is an excerpt from a blog post by a young lass named Anthea Whittle, whom I had the pleasure to meet, chat to, and be wowed by[1.

‘Twas the night before Webstock

‘Twas the night before Webstock, when through the hostel The nerds were arriving, a’stirring, and well… …Just geeking it up and charging their phones, Connecting their Macs to the free wifI zones. The first Webstock workshop starts promptly at nine But at 8am there’s the registration line It’s getting late, must turn in, get some sleep, Tomorrow’s a big day, set that alarm with the beep. The sun she did rise, but the alarm clock was dead, Had to get dressed, leave the room, and get fed.