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Gator Park

So, you’re heard of swimming with sharks, but how about riding with ‘gators? You can do this at Brazos Bend State Park, Texas! And once our good mate Nina[1. Nina was the first friend we met in Houston, and actually the very first ‘local’ I ever spoke to :)] invited us to go riding in the ‘Gator Park’, we couldn’t think of a good reason not to. Gators, pfff. Complete riding crew were Kelly + I, Nina + Thomas, Michael + Jalene, and Nat.

Bat, man!

So yeah, I went out onto the balcony this morning (~11am) to get the washing out of the dryer, and there was a bat hanging about causing mischief. Shouldn’t it be sleeping at 11am? He gave me a bit of a fright to be honest. I opened the door, he gets startled, and starts flapping about trying to fly away. It was only after a few seconds that I realised it was a cute little bat[1. Or, a vicious, rabies-riddled one…] and ran to get my camera.


Last weekend was a long one in Malaysia. National Day was on Tuesday, and Kelly took monday off to complete the long weekend. Me? I had to square it with the boss, but it was ok. As a special treat, our good friend Claire was flying down from Cambodia to hang out for the weekend. To make it worth her while (as if my coffees aren’t enough, heh…) Kelly had organised a few days in (on?) Pangkor Island. The tropics or bust I’ve never been to a “tropical island” before.