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Icon designs for I approached Bump Technologies to design an icon for their excellent mobile app Bump. I approached them because I thought the current icon wasn’t doing the app justice in terms of design and execution. I thought it looked unfinished, degrading the perceived quality of the app itself. After tweeting an offer to present some sketches, we began a dialogue culminating in three icon designs. The current bump icon is a literal representation of how bump works.

Design clients, please read

Here’s a webpage describing exactly what every designer wants to say to many, nay most, of their clients, but few ever do: How to give design feedback. A must-read for any design client; please spend five minutes doing so. It’s not a stab at how “bad” clients can be, it’s not derogatory; it’s a way for you to get better design from your designers, and for your designers to be able to give you better design. A few tidbits to get you going: First rule of design feedback: what you’re looking at is not art.

Up to date

…almost. During the last 12 days or so I’ve been collating, collecting, cropping, selecting, writing, PHP-ing, CSS-ing, and frustrate…err -ing? As my work contract with Six Degrees Digital is drawing to a close, I’ve been working hard to get the best pieces of my design sorted for uploading to the work section and the play section of this site. I’m glad to say it’s almost complete! Just a couple more things to add, and then we’ll all be up to date :) This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time — getting all the best examples of my work together in one place.