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I shot a Christmas (Eve)

In the lead up to my first wedding shoot, I practised on my immediate and extended family. As with the wedding, this was a first for me — at least in the capacity that I was actively documenting our Christmas Eve celebrations, as opposed to occasionally snapping a frame or fulfilling requests from happily intoxicated relos. This is a selection only, the other 50-odd photos can be seen on our family Flickr page. @Family, you’ll be getting your full set of high res pics in the mail soonish, I promise.

EDM: Six Degrees Digital Xmas campaign

In 2008, Six Degrees Digital sent out an EDM to their clients. It was the usual “thank you for a great year” message, but with a twist. The clients were able to vote on one of five ‘dares’ that the staff members (including me) were to do. (You can view the dares here). An initial EDM was sent out to raise awareness and entice clients to view the competition on the SDD website. In this campaign, I was responsible for the visual concept and copywriting of all pieces.